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Hurt feelings. [May. 17th, 2009|02:00 am]
Ruthless X
This doesn't happen very often. When it does, it comes crashing down on me like an anvil. I can feel it weighting down on my neck and shoulders.

My feelings got all fucked up a moment ago. I had this giant feeling of being disregarded. Not respected. Unimportant and not worth the time.

There is a pretty lengthy list of reasons for this. The overwhelming sense of emotion was brought on when all of these reasons came to mind in rapid fire. This and this and this and this and this and this and this.. and now THIS. I will admit that I felt my eyes water up.

I'm not that big of a pussy. Things just suck right now.

It's 2 am. I told myself I would go to bed before 4 am.

[User Picture]From: pseudosoliloquy
2009-10-03 07:19 am (UTC)
i added you as a friend. feel free to return the favor if your journal isnt DOA.

what happened that got to you? im curious about what could have sparked such an episode.

recognizing emotions is not synonymous with being a pussy. owning your emotions is about being honest with yourself--and there's nothing pathetic about that. the only people who will chide you over it are those too scared to look in the mirror at their own issues.
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[User Picture]From: ruthlessx
2009-10-03 12:54 pm (UTC)
My journal isn't DOA. I have entries for this year. Your still back in 2007. =P

This post happened after I was rejected, shutdown, and stood up all within a 24 hour period. I was also in training at the time. So I remember going to work everyday feeling like an total idiot, bumbling thru the day fucking it up along the way. So I wasn't happy with my relationship situation. Wasn't happy with the job. Folks are pushing me to the side. It all wasn't good. An unfortunate sequence of events and circumstances that perked my emotional state.
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